Discover Uniqoue World Of Innovations

We get creative on every step and see art in any form or place. Than we take that and try to integrate it into something unique or be innovative with it as much as possible.

To reach every individual and make him identify in your project, brand or product. We can use all sort of tools, to do just that. We MAKE ideas come to life.

Trust your project with us, and let yourself be driven trough new journey.

Branding & Graphic Design

Impression is everything! Your brand is heart and soul of your company. At Innovatique 7, we are very devoted to create unique and recognisable design for your company. Outstanding CGP is what matters.

We are there for you, from logo design, printing collateral or product design. 

We like to be involved!

IT Solutions


We provide solutions with state of the art technology and choose best strategy to implement first class user experience. From simple IT support to personalized software, mobile apps and so on.  

In technology we trust! 

Music Production

For us music is 8th world wonder. Songwriting, recording, mixing, mastering, publishing etc. All of that we do, and we do it perfect. Our team of musicians, sound engineers and songwriters are very passionate about their work, and results are stunning. We do songs, jingles, radio commercials.

Let’s sing together.

Video & Photography

Video is the highest engaged form of digital marketing right now. If you want to impress your audience / clients video is the right way.
Product videos, corporate overviews, music videos, animations, brand awareness or social campaign videos for Web or TV? We can do it! 

Let’s shoot something.

Web design & development

Professional web design and development team with over 60 years combined experience in  HTML5 to PHP, ASPX.NET, CSS, etc. We are able to code and create in any language or platform. Need a website that makes your “thing” stand out? We’ll do our best! Your site will be visible flawlessly on any platform (PC, Mobile, etc.). We will take care of SEO and compatibility on highest, fastest level possible.

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